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Any other particular attention needed?
Water Resistant 30M (3 Bar/3 ATM)
The most basic type of water resistant function used in watch. Otherwise known as life-WR or splash resistant. Provides basic WR function such as resistance against rain drop or mild hand wash. In real terms, it is not completely water resistant, so it is best when not in contact with water in the first place. Vast majority of fashion watches are equipped with this WR function.
Water Resistant 50M (5 Bar/5 ATM)
More improved resistance than 30M. Capable of enduring simple face washing and shower.
Water Resistant 100M (10Bar/10ATM)
Capable of enduring all kinds of contact with water when used under ordinary circumstances.
However, it is important to note that even for WR watches, wearing them in a bath or sauna should be avoided. The temperature gap between internal and external watch, humidity gap is rather severe. Most important of all is, never press the button or twist the cap underneath the water. Especially in sauna, even diver’s watches with WR function is useless in many cases, because the pressure inside is so high.
Do the watches have to be checked regularly?
Watches with mechanical movement require check-up and internal clean-up every 2-3 years. And a cost will be charged for such services. In case of Quartz watches, you can receive check-up service when you replace your watch’s battery. For consumable parts, durability will increase if you change every once a while.
Can I get a warranty and instruction manual for the watch?
The instruction manual will be provided to you at the point of purchase in our shop. If you have not received the manual, you can contact the Romanson dealer shop and ask for one. The warranty is to be given to you only by the shop that you made the purchase after filling in the details of your product. It is mandatory to receive the warranty. Please note that, the warranty can not be re-issued. So please make sure that warranty is not tampered with, which could deter you from receiving proper after sales..
How can I register for after-sales service?
You can do so by visiting Romanson shops. If you bring the warranty issued by Romanson, you can receive service. However, if you bring item that are purchased from unofficial routes, this is not qualified to receive service. Please kindly note.
How often should I replace the battery?
It really depends on the product. But normally, it is recommended to replace the battery every 2 years. But, the longer it becomes after purchase, more chance of foreign objects undermining the operation of movement battery. In such case, the battery replace span could be shortened.
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